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Do you want to make money online and earn a good extra income by investing in forex market, then this is the indeed a right page for you ! Let memention first that whatever you read , read carefully , but you will be earning a real money here , that too in Dollars and Euros ! My name is Ashish Sood , India , and I am telling you how to earn a good income for you online . This in a straight is Forex Trading , which is same as Stock Market trading but difference is that in a stock market , it pertains to every country and you have to select the best stocks out of so many and then bet on which is the one that you can rely on . That is choosing odds from a list of 2000 to 3000 stocks for you to pick the best . But in Forex Market trading , you rely and trade on currencies like United States Dollar (USD) and Euro . Forex Market trading is governed by international agenicies and is a uniform platform . You make money in USD and Euro and is instantly credited to your account .

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